We deliver one service - Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting.

You’re The Right Place If…​

  • You’re fed up overpaying incompetent hosting companies for glitchy sites.

  • You’re losing you truckloads of sales and conversions.

  • You’re ready to sleep easy at night, while your bank accounts fills up…​ as it should…​

WordPress Speed - 1,000,000+ requests/minute

You read that correctly.

We only deliver sites delivering 1,000,000+ requests/minute local machine speed. Visitor browser speed will be considerably less, capped by whatever ISP network connection speed each visitor uses. The point of this type of speed is…​

With us, your site can scale to any traffic levels.

We provide ssh site access so you can verify your site speed. Most hosting companies lie about performance. We let you test site speed yourself.

Interaction With Us

We have no front facing, amusing, glitzy, bells and whistles dashboard.

We provide hosting. Period.

Use https://HostGator.com or https://WPEngine.com or https://Rackspace.com, if you’re looking for glitzy, slow tech.

Use us when you feel a need for speed.

Application Process

We only take 1 or 2 new clients each week, so be patient awaiting a response.

If you have an urgent hosting requirement note that in your application and you’ll be added to our priority queue.

For consideration, email the following information to apply@launchspeedhosting.com

  1. Your best contact method - email or phone or Skype (best).

  2. Site name. Mention if you require hosting for many sites.

  3. Copy past 3-6 months of hosting bills.

  4. Any ongoing hosting challenges you’re having, like resource overages or site glitches.

  5. Timeline of when you require new hosting. State immediate and we’ll add you to our priority queue. If possible, avoid saying immediate, so people with complete site outages can be helped first.

Our Current Technology Stack

We’ve been providing private hosting since 1994, with 24x7 worldwide support, using latest LAMP Stack Technology currently running…​

All client sites run in LXD containers for highest security and simplified resource monitoring.



Linux Distro

Ubuntu Zesty 17.04

Linux Kernel




Apache w/HTTP2


SSL Certificates

Free. Strong Encryption. Setup Once. Forget. Work Forever.




Most Distros are retiring MySQL and using MariaDB instead.
We’ve been running MariaDB since it’s first release.



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